Drop in to see our wide range of spectacles from some of the world’s leading designers such as Woow, Ray-Ban, Wolf Eyewear, Anglo American, Prodesign, Ralph Lauren and many more.

If a designer frame is not for you, we also have other spectacles sourced from around the world to meet all budgets.

Our passion for quality doesn’t stop with our spectacles, we’re also approved stockists for Nikon, Seiko, Hoya, and Essilor spectacle lenses.

Myopia Management

We offer a range of myopia management options for children with myopia, including Miyosmart lenses from Hoya, Stellest from Essilor, and MiSight contact lenses from Coopervision. Miyosmart and Stellest lenses are a new non-invasive myopia management option, which is both safe and convenient – and they look just like ordinary spectacle lenses.

Our qualified dispensing opticians will be glad to discuss your visual needs, and provide you with knowledge on all aspects of spectacle frame and lens options to give you great vision.